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M.A., Education, Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies, Stanford University Graduate School of Education


B.A., Psychology, University of Southern California


Washington D.C. Teaching Certificate, Elementary Education



Educator In Residence, co.lab


Teaching Assistant, Development of Scientific Reasoning and Knowledge, Stanford Graduate School of Education


Instructor, Transforming Teaching and Learning with Technology, Stanford Teaching Festival


Instructor, The Digital Classroom: Technologies and Practices, Stanford Graduate School of Education


Online Course Teaching Assistant, Constructive Classroom Conversations, Stanford Graduate School of Education


MOOC Instructor, Designing a New Learning EnvironmentStanford Graduate School of Education


3rd Grade Teacher, Early Childhood Academy, DC Public Charter Schools


2nd Grade Teacher, Truesdell Education Campus, DC Public Schools


English as a Second Language Teacher, U.S. Peace Corps, Tanzania

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Learning Technology Specialist and Project Manager, Stanford Graduate School of Business


Academic Technology Specialist, Stanford Graduate School of Education


Principal Project Lead, Field Operations and Technology, Seeds of Empowerment


Education Research and Policy Analyst, FHI360 (formerly the Academy for Educational Development)


Elementary Reading Coach, Marie Reed Elementary School, DC Public Schools


Field Researcher, Stanford Graduate School of Education


Levine, P. (2015). Icebreakers and Discussion Starters with Nearpod and PollEverywhere. Free Technology for Teachers blog.

Levine, P. (2014-15). Nearpod Blog. Articles covering education use cases and research related to Nearpod's mobile learning platform. Menlo Park, CA.

Levine, P. (2012-15). Digital Initiatives, a quarterly newsletter covering academic and research technology initiatives, services, and capacities at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Stanford, CA.

Levine, P. (2014). Innovations in research: Longitudinal study transitions from paper-and-pencil to mobile. Digital Initiatives: Stanford, CA.

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Academy for Educational Development (2011). Niños Seguros y Sanos: Curriculum for Staff from Migrant and Seasonal Head Start and Migrant and Community Health Centers. Washington, DC.

Contributed to: Estacion, A., D'Souza, S., and Bozick, R. (2011). Characteristics of Career Academies in 12 Florida School Districts. (Issues. & Answers Report, REL 2011–No.106). Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance, Regional Education Laboratory Southeast.



Academic Conferences and Meetings

"Education Technology Myths," Stanford IT Unconference, Stanford University, November 2015, Stanford, CA.

“Building Digital Classroom Culture with Tech-Enabled Icebreakers,” Academic Technology Expo, Stanford University, October 2015, Stanford, CA.

“Inquiry, Evidence, and Scholarly Teaching: Using Data and Classroom Technologies to Improve Student Learning” co-presenter with Paul Zenke, Bonnie Hoewing, and Lauren Yena, EDUCAUSE Connect, January 2015, San Diego, CA.

“Teaching, Learning, and Sharing Student Work in a 100% Paperless Classroom,” Academic Technology Expo, Stanford University, September 2014, Stanford, CA.

Discussion facilitator, “Breakout Session: Leveraging Social Media,” Academic Technology Expo, Stanford University, October 2014, Stanford, CA.

“Beyond the Hype: Strategies for Successful iPad Programs in Higher Education,” co-presenter with Paul Zenke, Claudia Engel, Shawn Kim, Terri Gustafson, Maria Piret, EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, September 2014, Orlando, FL.

“Course Rights in Cyberspace: Ownership Issues in Online Education” EDUCAUSE West/Southwest Regional Conference, February 2013, Austin, TX.

“Stanford Mobile Inquiry-based Learning Environment for Student-Centered Mobile Learning Experiences,” Association for Educational Communications and Technology International Convention, October 2012, Louisville, KY.

Workshops and Guest Lectures

"Using Technology to Support Reasoning about Scientific Models," presenter with Carlos Seligo, Stanford Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning Demo Day, February 2016, Stanford, CA.

"10 Ways to Use Google Drive for Education," workshop leader, Stanford University, February 2016, Stanford, CA.

"PollEverywhere for Assessment and Peer Learning," workshop leader, Stanford University, January 2016, Stanford, CA.

"Formative Assessment and Feedback in Digital Learning Environments," workshop leader, Greenwich Public Schools, November 2015, online.

"Google Drive Education 'Add-Ons'; for Assessment and Document Management," workshop leader, Stanford University, October 2015, Stanford, CA.

"Assessing and Providing Feedback on Student Work in Canvas," workshop co-leader with Kimberly Hayworth and Kristen Motzer, Stanford University, October 2015, Stanford, CA.

“Mobile Technologies and Practices for Conducting Field Research,” guest lecture, Stanford University, Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies Seminar, Associate Professor David Brazer, October 2015, Stanford, CA.

“Edtech for Flipped Classrooms and Blended Learning,” workshop leader, Hollyhock Fellowship Program, July 2015, Stanford, CA.

“Edtech for Math Instruction,” workshop leader, Hollyhock Fellowship Program, July 2015, Stanford, CA.

“Edtech for Student-Generated Multimedia Projects,” workshop leader, Hollyhock Fellowship Program, July 2015, Stanford, CA.

“Google Drive Tools for Managing Student Work and Providing Feedback,” workshop leader, Stanford University, April 2015, Stanford, CA.

“Complimentary Hardware for Teaching, Learning, and Researching with iPads,” workshop co-leader with Paul Zenke, Takeshi Sengiku, and Shawn Kim, Stanford University, February 2015, Stanford, CA.

“Teaching and Learning with Lynda.com,” workshop co-leader with Tiffany Lieuw and Shawn Kim, Stanford University, February 2015, Stanford, CA.

“Canvas Learning Management System: A Holistic Approach to Migration,” presenter with Shawn Kim, Wilson Wang, Paul Michael David, and Chi-Hou Vong, Stanford University Tech Briefing, December 2014, Stanford, CA.

“iOS and Android Favorites for Education,” workshop leader, Stanford University, November 2014, Stanford, CA.

“Social Media for Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development,” workshop leader, Stanford University, October 2014, Stanford, CA.

“Google Drive, Evernote, and Skitch for Productivity and Collaboration,” workshop leader, Stanford University, September 2014, Stanford, CA.

“Creating and Distributing Surveys in Qualtrics,” workshop co-leader with Shawn Kim, Stanford University, August 2014, Stanford, CA.

“Creating Digital and Multimedia Instructional Resources,” workshop leader, Hollyhock Fellowship Program, July 2014, Stanford, CA.

“Digital Writing: Communicate, Collaborate, Reflect, & Publish,” workshop leader, Hollyhock Fellowship Program, July 2014, Stanford, CA.

“Ideate, Create, Share, and Reflect: Edtech for Design Thinking,” workshop leader, Hollyhock Fellowship Program, July 2014, Stanford, CA.

“iPad Apps and Strategies for Teaching and Learning,” workshop co-leader with Paul Zenke, Stanford University, May 2014, Stanford, CA.

“Creating Digital Course Content,” workshop leader, Stanford University, April 2014, Stanford, CA.

“Microlearning,” panelist with Peter F Young, Bill Wiles, Dan Zhou, Coursmos, March 2014.

“Educational Equity in a Changing Digital World,” guest lecture, Stanford University, Alternative Spring Break, February 2014, Stanford, CA.

“Crowdsourcing and Collaboration in the Classroom,” workshop leader, Stanford University, February 2014, Stanford, CA.

“Mobile Application Development and Implementation for Low-Resource Areas,” guest lecture, Stanford University, Learning, Design, and Technology Seminar, Lecturer Karin Forssell, January 2014, Stanford, CA.

“Learning Technologies for Supporting Students with Special Needs,” guest lecture, Stanford University, EDUC285: Supporting Students with Special Needs, Lecturer Ericka Fur, April 2013, Stanford, CA.

“MOOCs, Online Education, and the Library,” panelist with Arik Lifshitz, Paul Kim, Merrilee Proffit, and Kim Hayworth, Stanford University Libraries Chalk Talk, February 2013, Stanford, CA.

“Student Response Systems for Assessment and Peer Learning,” workshop leader, Stanford University, October 2013, Stanford, CA.

“Conducting Better Online Discussions,” workshop leader, Stanford University, November 2012, Stanford, CA.

“Interactive Whiteboards for Displaying Interactive, Real-World Content,” workshop leader, Stanford University, October 2012, Stanford, CA.

“Using iPads in the Classroom,” workshop leader, Stanford University, October 2012, Stanford, CA.

“Creating and Publishing eBooks,” workshop leader, Stanford University, October 2012, Stanford, CA.




California State Champion Cyclist, Women's 40k Time Trial, 2015.

Nearpod PioNear, 2014.

Google Educator, 2014.

YouTube Digital Citizenship Certification, 2014.

Seeds of Empowerment Mobile Task-Based Learning Contest First Place Award, 2012.

DC Teaching Fellows Tuition Fellowship, 2011.

Academy for Educational Development Achievement Award, for efforts on the IT/Google Collaboration Advisory Team, 2011.

Academy for Educational Development Innovation Award, for Technology Integration and Knowledge Management on the Office of Head Start’s National Center for Program Management and Fiscal Operations, 2010.

Academy for Educational Development Leadership Award, for contributions to the U.S. Department of Education's Smaller Learning Communities Program, 2010.

Stanford University School of Education Tuition Fellowship, 2008.

University of Southern California Dean’s List, 2001-2005.